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History Hub.ie Podcast Series

To date there have been more than 145,000 plays/downloads of this podcast series.

History Hub has several podcast series featuring talks, interviews and conference presentations on a wide range of historical subjects. The History Hub podcast series is one of our most popular series and ranges in scope from full recordings of academic research papers to informative contributions from professional historians discussing specific historical figures and events. To date there have been over 145,000 plays/downloads of the History Hub.ie Podcast Series. You can subscribe to the series on iTunes and via RSS feed (links are below).

Full list of episodes in this podcast series:

  1. The Origins of the First World War by Dr William Mulligan (UCD).
  2. Why was there a Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland? by Dr Sarah Campbell (Newcastle University).
  3. Why are people so interested in Stalin’s personality? by Dr Judith Devlin (UCD).
  4. What actually happened at the founding meeting of the GAA? by Dr Paul Rouse (UCD).
  5. Why was there an Easter Rising? by Professor Michael Laffan (UCD).
  6. Postcolonial Britain by Dr Christopher Prior (University of Southampton).
  7. Why is the legacy of the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland contested? by Dr Sarah Campbell (Newcastle University).
  8. Why did Pope Urban II launch the First Crusade in 1095? by Professor Jonathan Phillips (Royal Holloway).
  9. The reasons for the calling of the Second Crusade by Professor Jonathan Phillips (Royal Holloway).
  10. The Third Crusade, Richard Lionheart and Saladin by Professor Jonathan Phillips (Royal Holloway).
  11. The legacy of The Crusades by Professor Jonathan Phillips (Royal Holloway).
  12. St Patrick: Historical Man and Popular Myth by Dr Elva Johnston (UCD).
  13. The Third Home Rule Bill 1912 by Dr Conor Mulvagh (UCD).
  14. Merlin and his Prophecies by Dr Jennifer Farrell (UCD).
  15. Why did the British Empire come to an end? by Dr Christopher Prior (University of Southampton).
  16. Current Irish Emigration: a comparison with the 1950’s and 1980’s by Dr Irial Glynn (UCC).
  17. British Policy in the Falklands in the 1970s by Dr Aaron Donaghy (UCD).
  18. The Mother and Child Controversy by Dr Lindsey Earner-Byrne (UCD).
  19. Declan Costello, Fine Gael and the Just Society by Dr Ciara Meehan (UCD).
  20. Irish Advanced Nationalism & Youth in the Early Twentieth Century by Dr Marnie Hay (UCD).
  21. Food in Ireland during the Second World War by Dr Bryce Evans (Liverpool Hope University).
  22. Eoin MacNeill: Revolutionary and Scholar by Professor Diarmaid Ferriter (UCD).
  23. Eoin MacNeill. Revolutionary Scholar? an audio documentary featuring Daibhi O’Croinin (NUIG) and Elva Johnston (UCD).
  24. The life of Cardinal John Henry Newman by Dr Stephen Kelly (Liverpool Hope University).
  25. The final years of the workhouse and its dissolution by Prof Mary E. Daly (UCD)
  26. 1014: Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf 
  27. Commemorating Clontarf: 1014 through the Ages
  28. The Irish Revolutionary Generation by Prof. Roy Foster (University of Oxford)
  29. John Redmond’s Woodenbridge speech and the split in the Irish Volunteers by Dr Conor Mulvagh (UCD).
  30. Interview with Dr Ivar McGrath (UCD) on Mapping State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Ireland.
  31. Dramatising Poverty: Comparative Perspectives on Case Files, Stories and Remedies by Professor Mark Peel.
  32. The Irish at Gallipoli, a six-part series by Dr Jeff Kildea.
  33. Abraham Lincoln: the life and death of a statesman, a five-part series by Professor Brian Schoen.
  34. Columbanus and the practice of penance in early medieval Europe by Dr Rob Meens.
  35. John A. Costello, a six-part series by David McCullagh.
  36. Columbanus: Saviour of Civilisation? by Dr Elva Johnston.
  37. Kevin Barry and his legacy by Prof. Diarmaid Ferriter.
  38. Hidden Dublin, a series by Dr Irial Glynn and Donal Fallon.
  39. The Political Abuses of 1916 by Prof. Ronan Fanning
  40. The Complexities of Commemoration by Prof. Charles Townshend.
  41. The Mexican Revolution in Global Perspective by Prof. Alan Knight.
  42. The Russian Revolution by Dr Judith Devlin.
  43. Civil War: A History of Ideas by Prof. David Armitage.
  44. State formation, contested legitimacy and civil war in independent Ireland 1922-23 by Dr Bill Kissane.
  45. The nature of communal violence in the Irish Civil war by Dr Gemma Clark.
  46. The Finnish Civil War and its legacy, 1918 by Dr Tuomas Tepora.
  47. Vaccination: history, resistance and policy; 3 podcasts by Professor Nadav Davidovitch.
  48. Portuguese Colonialism in Africa; 3 podcasts by Dr Gai Roufe.
  49. Northern experiences of the Civil War’s aftermath by Dr Matthew Lewis.
  50. Divisions after the Irish Civil War by Dr Anne Dolan.
  51. Local and Family Memory of the Irish Civil War by Dr Gavin Foster.
  52. Commemoration: Trauma and Recovery by Prof. Richard Kearney.
  53. Connectivity, Globalisation, and Divergence over Five Millennia: An Approach to Global History by Prof. James Belich.
  54. Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Prof. Timothy D. Snyder
  55. Toward an Environmental History of the Irish Revolution by Dr Justin Dolan Stover.
  56. In Praise of Forgetting: Historical Memory and its Ironies  by David Rieff.
  57. Launch of DMP and Garda Personnel Registers with Diarmaid Ferriter, Carmel O’Sullivan, and Dónall Ó Cualáin.
  58. Boys’ Adventure Comics and World War Two: coverage, impact and myth in post war Britain; a podcast series by Sean Murray.
  59. Martin Sheridan: the life of an Irish-American Olympian by Dr Paul Rouse.
  60. Sole Survivors: The Rarest Books in the World, interview about exhibition at Marsh’s Library.
  61. Printing, Painting, and Conversion in 16th Century America by Professor Thomas Cummins.
  62. Inscribing a Modern World: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures by Professor Linda Colley.
  63. Writing the History of Civil War with Dr Anne Dolan, Prof Glenda Gilmore, and, Prof Stathis Kalyvas.
  64. Remembering and Forgetting in Oral Histories of Conflict in India and Ireland by Prof. Sucheta Mahajan
  65. The Irish border: the first hundred years  by Prof. John Coakley
  66. Mind your p’s and queues: the past and the Irish border by Dr. Peter Leary
  67. Literature, Women, and the Partition of India: Borders, Bodies, Livelihoods by Prof. Debali Mookerjea-Leonard
  68. The perils of adolescent activism during the Irish Revolution by Dr Marnie Hay
  69. The (Changing?) Logic of Civil Wars by Prof. Stathis Kalyvas.
  70. Civil and Uncivil Wars in the Early Modern Period by Prof. Penny Roberts and David J. Appleby.
  71. Ideas of Civil Wars by Prof. David Armitage

Original Image: Icon of Saint Patrick unknown location. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Patrick-ireland.jpg – Public Domain