Detail from a portrait of Eoin MacNeill painted by Sean O'Sullivan (1941).

The Scholarly Legacy of Eoin MacNeill

Eoin MacNeill’s distinguished academic career, a career which was foundational for the field of Early Irish History, has been completely overshadowed by his political activities during the Irish revolutionary period. The details of those activities are well known. This documentary focuses instead on MacNeill’s considerable legacy as a scholar.

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In this post, as part of our Eoin MacNeill: Revolutionary and Scholar series, a special documentary on the scholarly legacy of Eoin MacNeill. The audio piece – Eoin MacNeill: Revolutionary Scholar? – includes interviews with Dr Elva Johnston (UCD School of History and Archives) and Prof Dáibhí Ó Cróinín (Department of History, NUIG).

Dr Elva Johnston is a lecturer in the School of History and Archives in University College Dublin. She has published articles on early Irish society, dealing with gender, kingship and sanctity. Her book Literacy and Identity in Early Medieval Ireland (Boydell and Brewer) was published recently.

Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín is a Professor of History at the National University of Ireland, Galway and Member of the Royal Irish Academy. His research interests include Ireland, Britain and Europe during the Early Middle Ages; Computistics; Medieval Latin Palaeography; Irish traditional music and song. He is Director of The Foundations of Irish Culture project in The Moore Centre, NUI, Galway.

The documentary was edited by Mike Liffey.

Image: Detail of portrait of Eoin MacNeill by Seán O’Sullivan which hangs in UCD (Liffey).