Roy Foster

Podcast: Roy Foster on the Irish revolutionary generation

The work I’ve been doing makes the case that the revolutionary generation were seeking a liberation that was personal as well as political, though how many of them found it is an open question.

Professor Roy Foster

The latest episode of the History podcast series features a recording of a paper given at the UCD Centre for War Studies in March 2014. The paper, ‘The Irish Revolutionary Generation’, was given by Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at the University of Oxford.

Professor Foster has written widely on Irish history, society and politics in the modern period, as well as on Victorian high politics and culture. The Irish revolutionary generation of 1890-1920 is the subject of a forthcoming book (2014). He is also a cultural commentator, critic and broadcaster.

Professor Foster was introduced by the Director of the UCD Centre for War Studies, Professor Robert Gerwarth. His podcast is now available to stream/download via iTunes, Soundcloud and RSS.