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The seventh Tudor & Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference was held at the Moore Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway on 18-19 August 2017. The conference featured over thirty speakers from Ireland and beyond, a special panel session on ‘Visualising Early Modern Ireland’, and plenary addresses by Professor Chris Maginn (Fordham University) and Professor Patricia Palmer (Maynooth University).

The conference was organised by Evan Bourke (NUI Galway), Ioanna Kyvernitou (NUI Galway), Raina Howe (NUI Galway) and Matthew McGinty (NUI Galway) and was generously supported by the College of Arts, NUI Galway, the School of Humanities, NUI Galway, the Moore Institute, NUI Galway, the Discipline of English, NUI Galway, the Discipline of History, NUI Galway, Marsh’s Library and the Women’s History Association of Ireland.

The 2017 conference saw History Hub continue its successful partnership with Tudor and Stuart Ireland with the production of podcasts of conference proceedings. These podcasts, recorded and produced by Real Smart Media, are now available on iTunes and Soundcloud and have been added to the substantial archive of podcasts from previous Tudor and Stuart Ireland conferences.

Tudor and Stuart Ireland podcasts are available for download from iTunes and to stream on Soundcloud totally free of charge. There are now more than 180 episodes available in total and the podcasts have proved to be tremendously popular with 65,000 podcast downloads/plays to date.

2017 Tudor and Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference Podcasts

List of podcasts from the 2017 Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conference


Professor Chris Maginn (Fordham) – Communicating Tudor Rule in Ireland

Professor Patricia Palmer (Maynooth) – Irish Country-House Poetry in the early modern period: a neglected genre?

Special Panel Session: Visualising Early Modern Ireland:

Assoc. Prof. Tom Herron (East Carolina) – Kilcolman Castle and the Centering Spenser website: new developments

Damian Shiels – The Irish Battlefields Project


Dr John Cunningham (QUB) – An after game at Irish: Clement Walker and the Conquest of Ireland in 1649

Dr Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library) – William Hone and the Rye House Plot of 1683

Matthew McGinty (NUI Galway) – ‘You know the nature of the Irish, how easily they are divided’: Tanistry, primogeniture and divided clans

Lorna Moloney (NUI Galway) – Securing Thomond – The Impact of Surrender and Regrant on Gaelic Lordship 1536-1569

Alan Kelly (TCD) – The ‘Tudor Columba’ of Manus O’Donnell, c.1532

Dr David Heffernan (QUB) – The development of the Ulster Plantation in early Stuart Donegal, c. 1609-41

Dr Gerard Farrell (TCD) – The distribution of land between native Irish and servitors in the Ulster plantation

Patrick Hayes (TCD) – Hazards to Marine Activity: Extreme Weather and Piracy in Irish and Adjacent Waters, 1535-1660

Deirdre Fennell (NUI Galway) – The desperate, the doubtful and the sperate’: John Symcott and attempts at Irish Exchequer reform, 1570-1575

Dr Gerald Power (Metropolitan University, Prague) – Aliens in Sixteenth-Century Ireland

Dr Dianne Hall (Victoria) – Women and sieges in 17th century Ireland

Dr Naomi McAreavey (UCD) – ‘The noblest person, The wisest female, and the best of wives that Ever lived’: The Duchess of Ormonde and her Letters

Dr Eugene Coyle (Oxford) – Sir William Aston and the Witch of Youghal

Therese Hicks – The Kennedys of Mount Kennedy

Stuart Keogh – Slow Rise, Sudden Fall: The chequered career of James Malone, King’s Printer to James II

Dr Fiona Pogson (Liverpool Hope) – Elizabeth Wentworth, countess of Strafford, and her role in the vice-regal household

Evan Bourke (NUI Galway) – “What I know of Buttler’s Story … is this”: Lady Ranelagh’s Transmutation History

Dr Karen Holland (Providence) – Finding Her Voice: Joan Fitzgerald’s Petition Letters to William Cecil

Prof Steven Ellis (NUI Galway) – Defending the English Pale: the Viceroyalty of Richard Nugent, 3rd Baron of Delvin

Dr John Cronin (IAPH) – Dónal Cam O’Sullivan Beare and the first battle of Aughrim, 1603

Diarmuid Wheeler (NUI Galway) – Warham St. Leger, Francis Rush and the Nine Years’ War in the Queen’s County

Dr Keith Smith (Discovery Programme) – Lost But Not Forgotten: Altar Plate in the Inventories of Kilconnell Franciscan Friary

Dr Yvonne McDermott (GMIT) – The fate of Moyne friary: History and architecture in the early modern period

Dr Benjamin Hazard (UCD) – Irish Franciscans of the Santiago Province in Spain

Prof Raymond Pierre Hylton (Virginia) – Women and Family in Ireland’s Huguenot Refuge: Paradigms and Comparisons

Kieran Hoare (NUI Galway) – UCG, GAHS and Early Modern Ireland

Dr Philip Walsh (UCD) – The expulsion and re-establishment of Catholic merchants in Galway town during the Interregnum and Restoration

Ultan Lally (NUI Galway) – Seventeenth century Dominican Connacht: the medieval heritage of the Order of Preachers and the Counter-Reformation in the west

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