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In this series of articles, written by the students of UCD’s MA in Public History, we aim to uncover documents that lie outside what might typically be seen by the public.

Abigail Smith, Series Editor

MA Public History, UCD

From the Archives: Public History

Thanks to a collaboration between the National Library of Ireland and the 2017-18 UCD Public History MA, History Hub presents a new monthly series dedicated to showcasing manuscript and archival sources from the National Library of Ireland’s collections. In this series of articles, written by the students of UCD’s MA in Public History, we aim to uncover documents that lie outside what might typically be seen by the public. This series provides the context and history behind seven unique pieces from the library’s archives, ranging from a discussion on the traditional dress of Irish dancers to the letters of World War I soldiers written from the trenches. Thanks in large part to the NLI’s dedication to both preserving and making accessible archival material, the historical documents exhibited through this series will be available here on History Hub. Follow History Hub to read these pieces as they are released each month.

Find out more about the MA in Public History at ucd.ie/history and see the NLI’s full archival and manuscript catalogue online at sources.nli.ie.

To read these and other ‘From the Archives’ pieces, visit historyhub.ie/from-the-archives.

Abigail Smith, Series Editor
2017-18 MA in Public History
UCD School of History

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From the Archives

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50 Years of Archival Education in UCD

The School of History marked a significant milestone this year celebrating 50 years since the first archivists were trained in the university. Public awareness of the value of archivists has increased in Ireland over the last two decades, due to the significance of records in Commissions of Inquiry and the Decade of Centenaries but establishing the first training programme took place in a very different context. At this time, individuals had to travel abroad for full professional education and archives were collected mainly by the national repositories on the island and by special collection departments in universities.

UCD School of History CPD Workshop for archivists – Implementing Trauma-Informed Practice in Archives

How best then can archivists deal with the affect that archives may have on individuals accessing potentially distressing information in the research room? And how do archivists themselves deal with graphic or confronting content when working on archival collections before they are made available to the public? These are questions which have been raised internationally in recent years, mainly due to the uncovering of scandals involving organised religion and/or state institutionalisation of vulnerable communities.

Life Histories and Social Change Archive

Life Histories and Social Change is a large collection of qualitative life story interviews with three cohorts of Irish citizens: those born between 1) 1916-1934; 2) 1945-1954; and 3) 1965-1974. Jane Gray, Seán Ó Riain, and Aileen O’Carroll developed the project, funded by the Irish Research Council, and researchers from NUI Maynooth conducted a total of 113 life history interviews between 2006 and 2008.

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