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The events that occurred during 1916 can have many different meanings for people. By asking, ‘what does 1916 mean to you?’, History Hub explores the political, social, and cultural legacies of the year 1916 for people and communities across the island of Ireland, north and south.

1916 and Me / 2016 and Us’ consists of more than 40 interviews, recorded in Dublin and Belfast throughout 2016, with individuals (academics, community leaders, politicians, artists, writers and members of the public) giving their views on the significance of the events of 100 years ago and also on the meaning of commemoration.

‘1916 and Me / 2016 and Us’ is a collaboration between University College Dublin School of History, Queen’s University Belfast School of History and Anthropology, UCD Digital Library and HistoryHub.ie, UCD’s public history website. The project was funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Reconciliation Fund and produced by Real Smart Media for History Hub.

All of the ‘1916 and Me / 2016 and Us’ videos are now available to watch. The videos have been deposited with UCD Digital Library for long-term preservation.

Watch the full playlist of videos here.

List of interviewees:

All images and videos produced by Real Smart Media.

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