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History Hub is based at the School of History, University College Dublin. Our ambition is to make the most recent academic research available on-line to everyone who loves history. Our podcasts feature historians talking about a whole range of subjects from medieval to modern history, both Irish and international. We also have a From the Archives section featuring archival documents and a History and Policy section, where historians contribute to current policy debates.

Please explore our content, listen to our podcasts, watch our videos, read our posts, and learn about how you can study history at UCD.

Dr Irial Glynn

UCD Historian and Editor of History Hub

History at UCD

UCD School of History offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate options for study. Alongside the full-time options there are part-time options for those wishing to explore history at university without having to undertake assignments and exams via UCD’s innovative Open and Lifelong Learning programme. 

Courses Starting Soon: Lifelong Learning

UCD’s Lifelong Learning programme offers all adult learners the opportunity to explore history courses of their choice, without the pressure of an examination. Starting on October 2 2023 (online and in-person) are Who do you think you are? An introduction to Irish family history and Terrorism, Italian Style.

Latest Posts

UCD School of History CPD Workshop for archivists – Implementing Trauma-Informed Practice in Archives

How best then can archivists deal with the affect that archives may have on individuals accessing potentially distressing information in the research room? And how do archivists themselves deal with graphic or confronting content when working on archival collections before they are made available to the public? These are questions which have been raised internationally in recent years, mainly due to the uncovering of scandals involving organised religion and/or state institutionalisation of vulnerable communities.

Open and Lifelong Learning History Courses

UCD offers a variety of study options and entry pathways, ranging from full-time degrees to short-term courses for pure interest. Lifelong Learning offers all adult learners the opportunity to explore a subject of their choice without the pressure of an examination. Open Learning is a flexible way of studying part-time at UCD. Explore your history options for the coming year.

The murder of Walther Rathenau and the survival of Weimar democracy. Mark Jones on the year 1923

Dr Mark Jones is Assistant Professor in Global History at University College Dublin. A specialist in the history of political violence, war, and revolution, his publications include ‘Founding Weimar. Violence and the German Revolution of 1918-19 (Cambridge University Press, 2016). His latest book is ‘1923: The Forgotten Crisis in the Year of Hitler’s Coup’. This podcast ‘The murder of Walter Rathenau and the survival of Weimar democracy. Mark Jones on the year 1923’ is based on this latest book.

Attendees at the Military Welfare History Conference.

Military Welfare History Network – 2023 Conference Keynotes

The first in-person meeting of the Military Welfare History Network took place in Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin on 7 July 2023. The event, which was co-ordinated by Dr Paul Huddie, comprised two keynotes and four panels, totalling 14 speakers. Conference keynotes by Dr Matthew Neufeld (University of Saskatchewan) and Dr Ke-Chin Hsia (Indiana University Bloomington) were recorded and are now available to podcast.

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History Hub first started podcasting talks, lectures and interviews in 2011. Since then we have had over 1.3 million downloads across more than 20 different podcast series. 

History Hub podcast series feature interviews, conference presentations and research papers on everything from the Easter Rising to the cult of Stalin, from early Christian Ireland through the Tudor and Stuart monarchs to contemporary Europe. Many of our podcasts are posted directly to the site but for convenient access to our entire archive, users can subscribe (completely free of charge) to our podcast series on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud and via RSS feed.

At History Hub we enjoy collaborating with historians across the world, history conferences and associations, in creating podcasts. Since 2011 we have been privileged to collaborate with the Tudor and Stuart Ireland in producing podcasts. Renowned historian Professor Michael Laffan honoured us by recording his final semester of lectures at UCD in 2010. His series The Irish Revolution was the most popular podcast in Ireland shortly after launch.

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