Croke Park from Hill 16

Sports Rights Commercialization Revisited: Sky and the GAA

Although the GAA hierarchy has sought to portray the deal with Sky as a success and consider the reaction of people in Britain to be ‘a vindication’, the reality is, at best, much more complex – and one might legitimately arrive at entirely the opposite conclusion.

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Official Christmas card of Kaiser Wilhelm II sent to Hugh, 5th Earl of Lonsdale in 1903.

Germany before 1914: social reform and British emulation

Britain's commemoration of the First World War must avoid depicting Imperial Germany as a simplified, demonised, or monolithic enemy. To do so brings with it the danger of distorting modern perceptions of Germany as well as misrepresenting Britain's role in the Europe of a century ago.

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‘Brawling publicly’: The evolution of Anglo-Irish relations

While the relationship has undoubtedly progressed since the 1970s, a closer examination of the early period of the ‘troubles’ highlights the extent to which Northern Ireland, and the legacies of the conflict, have the potential to cause dangerous diplomatic rifts in Anglo-Irish relations.

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A cricket shot from Privatemusings, taken at the second day of the SCG Test between Australia and South Africa

The Impact of Pay-TV on Sport

Paul Rouse's paper examines what happens when sports organisations sell their broadcasting rights to pay-tv companies. It looks, in particular, at what happened to the audience viewing figures for Leinster and Munster rugby matches when the rights to show those matches moved from RTE to Sky Sports.

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History & Policy: Seanad Special

The purpose of this series of papers is to offer a constructive dialogue between history – understood as both ‘the past’ and ‘the discipline’ – and policy.

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