The 1918 General Election (The Irish Revolution Lecture 6)

The lecture series covers a tumultuous period in Irish history and examines the interaction of different groups (in particular unionists, moderate and radical nationalists, and the British), the causes and impact of events (such as the Home Rule Crisis, the Easter Rising, and the Treaty), and patterns of continuity and discontinuity in the period spanning the First World War.

Professor Michael Laffan

The Irish Revolution was a module taught by renowned Irish historian Professor Michael Laffan in the School of History and Archives, University College Dublin from the late 1970’s until his retirement in 2010. In association with the UCD College of Arts and Celtic Studies and History all 10 of the lectures were recorded and are available to download via iTunes and also via the RSS feed (links are below).

Listen to Lecture 6 – The 1918 General Election.

Click here to listen to Lecture 7 – The War of Independence/Anglo-Irish War.

Image: Detail of Sinn Féin election poster in 1918, quoting D. D. Sheehan MP, leading up to the December 1918 general election in Ireland. By Unknown. [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons