Marie-Louise Coolahan at the 2015 Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conference (© Real Smart Media)

Marie-Louise Coolahan: How to drum up a reputation in early modern Ireland

RECIRC will produce a new, large-scale understanding of how women’s writing circulated in the early modern English-speaking world, using the results to analyse how texts, ideas and reputations gained traction.

Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan

Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan (NUI Galway) gave the closing plenary at the 2015 Tudor and Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference. Her paper, ‘Reportage, rhyme, and religion: How to drum up a reputation in early modern Ireland’, was recorded by Real Smart Media, and is available as a video and also as a podcast.

Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan is a Lecturer in English at NUI Galway. In 2014 she was awarded a highly prestigious European Research Council Consolidator Grant (Principal Investigator) for her project, RECIRC: The Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550-1700.

RECIRC is producing a large-scale, quantitative analysis of the reception and circulation of women’s writing from 1550 to 1700. The results will enable analysis of how texts, ideas and reputations gained traction in the early modern period. The focus includes writers who were read in Ireland and Britain as well as women born and resident in Anglophone countries; the subject of study is not limited to authors who wrote in English.

RECIRC is organised in four interlocking work packages: transnational religious networks; the international republic of letters; the manuscript miscellany; and book/manuscript ownership. It is funded by the European Research Council from 2014-2019. In addition, the Irish Research Council has funded a position that extends the project’s remit by addressing the reception of Irish-language women’s writing into the eighteenth century.

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Tudor and Stuart Ireland
The fifth Tudor & Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference was held at Maynooth University in August 2015 in partnership with University College Dublin. Audio recordings of 27 papers were produced by Real Smart Media and are available to podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes.

The 6th Annual Tudor & Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference will be held at the National University of Ireland, Galway, on 19-20 August 2016. This year’s programme will feature plenary speakers Prof. Mary O’Dowd (Queen’s University Belfast), and Prof. Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex), as well as a special panel session on Shakespeare and Ireland. For more information on the 2016 conference go to

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The 2015 Tudor and Stuart Ireland conference was generously supported by UCD School of History, UCD Research, Marsh’s Library, Graduate Studies Office at Maynooth University, the Department of History at Maynooth University and the Irish Research Council (New Foundations Award).

Image: Marie-Louise Coolahan at the 2015 Tudor and Stuart Interdisciplinary Conference (© Real Smart Media)