Detail from map of Goldenbridge

Echoes from the Past: Listening to Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Echoes from the Past is an audio and walking tour app, which aims to give users some insight into children’s experience of the Irish Industrial school system. It is a verbatim project based entirely on the 2009 Report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (the Ryan Report) and funded by the Irish Research Council New Horizons project Industrial Memories, based in the School of English, Drama and Film at UCD.

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1916 and Me

'1916 and Me/2016 and Us' is an attempt to uncover what 1916 means today, parsing the motivations which inspire people to commemorate the momentous events of that year.

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Universities in Revolution and State Formation

Student and academic revolts, from the 1790s up to the present day, featuring the French student uprisings of 1968, Easter 1916, and other major protest movements which led to the emergence of new states, were explored in an international history conference at UCD.

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