The Irish Revolution Podcast

Renowned Irish historian Professor Michael Laffan introduces his series of 10 lectures on The Irish Revolution. He talks about the history of the course, its structure as well as some of the key areas covered in the lectures.

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Eamon de Valera by National Photo Company [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

March 1915: Letter from Pearse to de Valera

As well as providing an insight into the workings of the IRB and their plans for the Rising, this letter from Patrick Pearse to Eamon de Valera can be seen as a memento of a significant moment in de Valera’s life.

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Professor Mark Peel: Dramatising Poverty

In this highly engaging lecture Professor Mark Peel draws on his monograph, Miss Cutler and the case of the resurrected horse: Social work and the story of poverty in America, Australia and Britain (University of Chicago Press: 2011) to present a history of poverty in Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, London and Melbourne.

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