Professor Mark Peel: Dramatising Poverty

In this highly engaging lecture Professor Mark Peel draws on his monograph, Miss Cutler and the case of the resurrected horse: Social work and the story of poverty in America, Australia and Britain (University of Chicago Press: 2011) to present a history of poverty in Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, London and Melbourne.

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Croke Park from Hill 16

Sports Rights Commercialization Revisited: Sky and the GAA

Although the GAA hierarchy has sought to portray the deal with Sky as a success and consider the reaction of people in Britain to be ‘a vindication’, the reality is, at best, much more complex – and one might legitimately arrive at entirely the opposite conclusion.

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Map of Ireland showing location of barracks in 18th Century

Mapping State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Dr Ivar McGrath, senior lecturer in the UCD School of History and Archives, recently gave this interview for History Hub on ‘Mapping State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Ireland’, a project on which he is a Principal Investigator. The interview focussed on a new pilot website 'Army Barracks of Eighteenth-Century Ireland' which is part of the wider project. The website has been developed in UCD and is now live.

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