John Derricke, The Image of Ireland, 1581 - plate 11

Tudor & Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference 2015

The Fifth Annual Tudor & Stuart Ireland Interdisciplinary Conference will be held at Maynooth University on 28-29 August 2015. Over thirty speakers from across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and North America will present their research at this year’s conference.

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Pacta Sunt Servanda once again: the story of Greece and Ireland

In his observations about the Irish situation in 2012, Olli Rehn said that the principle 'pacta sunt servanda' had a long legal and historical tradition behind it. In this paper Patrick Healy examines the tradition to see whether it supports the European Commission’s position about the legal obligations of the Irish State.

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Coleman Dennehy gives the winter discourse at the Irish Legal History Society Conference, 2014.

Coleman Dennehy: Law and Revolution in Ireland

Coleman Dennehy's research focuses on seventeenth and early eighteenth-century legal history and in November 2014 he organised the conference, ‘Law and Revolution in Ireland: law and lawyers before, during, and after the Cromwellian Interregnum’. Dennehy concluded this event with a paper on 'Appointments to the bench in the early Restoration period', which, courtesy of the UCD Humanities Institute, is available as a podcast.

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