UCD Arts and Humanities Annual Lecture with Linda Colley 1st Nov '18

Linda Colley: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures

On 1 November 2018 Professor Colley visited University College Dublin to give the UCD Arts and Humanities Annual Lecture, in partnership with the School of History. In her lecture - 'Inscribing a Modern World: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures' - Professor Colley examines the contagion and evolution of written constitutions throughout the world from the 17th Century right through to the present day...whilst exploring the adaptation needed for the future, in the new and constantly changing technological environment..

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The UCD War List and Roll of Honour, an Armistice Centenary

The First World War broke out at a time when the university was still in its infancy. In total, 116 students joined up during the war. At the time, the university had an enrolment of around 700 students, of whom 500 were eligible for service. This was by no means an insignificant absence in the corridors of Earlsfort Terrace. Read 'The UCD War List and Roll of Honour, an Armistice Centenary' by Dr Conor Mulvagh.

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Diarmaid Ferriter

On the Edge: Ireland’s Off-shore Islands: a Modern History

The islands off the coast of Ireland have long been a source of fascination. Seen as repositories of an ancient Irish culture and the epitome of Irish romanticism, they have attracted generations of scholars, artists and filmmakers, from James Joyce to Robert O'Flaherty, looking for a way of life uncontaminated by modernity or materialism.

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Ben Vinson: Mestizaje and the Frontiers of Race and Caste in Colonial Mexico

In episode 18 of History Hub's podcast series – ‘Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra: conversations on the history of Portugal and Spain, 1415-1898‘ - Professor Ben Vinson III is in conversation with series host Dr Edward Collins. In the episode, which is available to podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud, they discuss Mestizaje and the Frontiers of Race and Caste in Colonial Mexico.

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