Universities in Revolution and State Formation

Student and academic revolts, from the 1790s up to the present day, featuring the French student uprisings of 1968, Easter 1916, and other major protest movements which led to the emergence of new states, were explored in an international history conference at UCD.

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The Digital Kevin Barry Collection

UCD Library and UCD Archives have digitised two fascinating new collections, honouring one of the most iconic figures of the Irish revolutionary period. Kevin Barry, a medical student at University College Dublin, was executed for his part in an ambush

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Members of the Australian Historical Mission and a Turkish officer at Hill 60, February 1919 - hill60_06-L_595

The Irish at Gallipoli – Episode 6: Evacuation and Aftermath

This episode of Jeff Kildea's series (The Irish at Gallipoli) looks at the evacuation and then examines how in post-independence Ireland memory of the campaign and the part which Irish troops played in it faded and was lost until recent years when a new wave of publications has begun to revive that memory for the Ireland of today.

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UCD Open Learning History Modules

UCD Open Learning gives adult learners the opportunity to study a range of undergraduate modules in UCD. There are no formal entry requirements and Open Learning modules are open to everyone. Individuals can take any combination of modules for interest only (audit) or deepen their learning by completing course assessment (credit). This academic year (2015/2016), UCD School of History is offering a great range of Open Learning module options.

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Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conference Podcasts

The first and second Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conferences took place in University College Dublin in 2011 and 2012. In all over eighty speakers have participated in the two conferences. Podcasts of fifty-seven of those papers are currently available for download on iTunes for free.

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